About Varier®

VARIER Furniture AS is all about Active Sitting.

Our chairs are based on the philosophy that your body was meant to move. Life has become a sitting marathon. When more and more people spend a large portion of their day sitting, why should they be forced to sit still? Active Sitting embodies our philosophy of healthy, intelligent seating that follows the body’s natural movements. Our chairs tilt, turn and lock exactly in the position you want to be in and keeps your body strong and healthy – every day, over and over again.

VARIER in facts and figures:


  • VARIER was founded in 2006 from the Norwegian company Stokke. At that time the entire furniture collection from Stokke was established and re-branded in the Varier name. A private held company with Oslo based Credo Partners as the majority owner.
  • More than 90% of our chairs end up outside of Norway and you can find them in over 40 countries globally. With subsidiaries in Italy and Germany and exclusive distributors in USA, Japan and South Korea we still think of our selves as a Norwegian company but with a high level of international competence and perspective.
  • Some of our most iconic chairs were designed by Norwegian designer Peter Opsvik, amongst them the Variable Balans (1979) which is not only the original kneeling chair, but also the basis for our Active Sitting Philosophy.
  • Since then we have strived to create inspiring, intelligent and active furniture with the purpose of creating a better lifestyle for the millions of people sitting down way too much everyday. We work with selected designers and professors to ensure the best possible Active Sitting experience and design.
  • Varier has 75 dedicated employees working every day to providing the ultimate sitting experience. Our administrative head office and production facilities are based at the west coast of Norway focusing on providing the best possible quality experience.
  • Oslo is the base for our Showroom and Management Office. 


Our Brand Principles

Our chairs compliment your body and encourage you to move, improving your health and well-being. We call it Active Sitting.


Our ambition

To make Active Sitting a primary driver for the choice of your next chair.


Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing the ultimate sitting experience. Ensuring Active Sitting through innovative, ergonomic solutions.


Our Values

Dedicated: We are committed to creating better sitting experience.

Determined: We are driven by our passion to effect a global change from passive to active sitting.

Brave: We challenge perceptions of how people should sit.



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